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4 reasons why we love autumn

The wonderful autumn season

Couple in autumn

The autumn season is simply wonderful! It's hard to put into words the cosy feeling that this time of year spreads. But we would like to give it a try now anyway. Or rather, we have tried to put together our top 4 that make autumn in Tyrol what it is. Namely, simply enchanting, magical and wonderful!

Pumpkin, chestnuts and co.


Not only the world turns orange and brown, but also the typical autumn foods remain true to the colour code. And if someone were to ask us the question, "What does autumn taste like to you?" we would probably answer them, "Like pumpkin, chestnuts and hot tea!"

The colourful world

colorful autumn nature

The green of the meadows and forests slowly turns into rich yellow and orange. Sometimes a little red and brown is mixed in - a wonderful play of colours! This colour combination creates a wonderfully cosy atmosphere, don't you think?

Hot chocolate and homemade socks

Hot chocolate

When it gets colder outside, we like to snuggle up in our most comfortable clothes. And let's be honest: there's nothing better than homemade socks from grandma! They keep you incredibly warm and are stylish too! Nothing stands in the way of a cosy Sunday afternoon on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate in your hand! 

Autumn walks

Child in Autumn nature

A bit of fresh air on a walk through the golden woods and on rustling leaves can work wonders! Here you can really enjoy nature and escape from everyday life into a magical world for a short moment!

Have we already infected you with our autumn euphoria? :)