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The story of Mrs. Holle

A short excursion into the fairytale world


Finally it's back: the snow. Frau Holle shakes out her cushions over Ellmau again - winter has arrived! But who is this Frau Holle now and why does everyone keep talking about her as soon as it has snowed?

A fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm

The fairy tale of Mrs. Holle comes from the Brothers Grimm, whom we all know only too well. There is a stepmother with a biological daughter and a stepdaughter. The stepdaughter is beautiful and hard-working and had a hard time, because she had to work a lot. Day after day she sat down at the well, where she had to spin until her fingers bled. One day she wanted to wash the spindle in the well and it fell into it. Fearing her stepmother, she jumped after the spindle. She fainted.


When the girl woke up again, she was in the middle of a beautiful flower meadow. She set off to explore the area and discovered a small house. There a woman looked out. The woman introduced herself and said: "You should be well if you stay with me and help me in the house. All you have to do is make my bed good." The woman was Mrs. Holle, and when she tossed out her bedclothes and shook them out, the feathers flew and sank into the world as snowflakes.


At this point the fairy tale goes even further, but now it is at least clear who Mrs. Holle is and why she is always mentioned when it snows. How exactly the fairy tale ends will be revealed to you at another time.




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